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Netac Profile

Started in May 1999, Netac Technology (Stock Code at Shenzhen Exchange: 300042) is a leading flash memory manufacturer based in Shenzhen. Through more than ten years' growth, Netac was successfully listed in Growth Enterprise Market in January 2010, becoming the first listed removable storage supplier in China. Netac is the trademark used for our USB flash memory products. As the inventor of flash memory and a leading new-generation storage product manufacturer, Netac possesses the first generation of USB-based flash memory technology in the world.

We focus on manufacturing of flash memory products, such as USB flash storage, portable hard drive and solid state disk, especially on security and encryption of USB flash storage and portable hard drive. We have a wholly-owned production base for processing of all flash storage products.

At present, Netac Technology (Hong Kong) Limited and Leapro Technology Co., Ltd. are two fully subsidiary companies of Netac Technology Co., Ltd. Leapro Technology Co., Ltd is the holder of the SD-3C license.

Development process


Netac invented the world’s first USB flash drive

Netac technology established


USB flash drive was listed by IBM as the only recommended storage product for its wireless application solution


Participated in the third China Hi-Tech Fair for the release of the world's first USB flash drive


The invention patent of flash drive was authorized by THE NATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION, PRC


Computer world media group (CCW) awarded the 2003 China IT rapid growth enterprise award


Products involved in mobile storage, wireless data, and digital entertainment three areas


Identified as "Top 50 Private Enterprises in Shenzhen"


The flash drive basic invention patent was authorized in Korea


Was listed as “The National Enterprises and Institutions Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit” by the NATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION, PRC


Identified as "National Hi-Tech Enterprise"


Was designated as the designated unit for the production of commercial cryptography products by National Cryptography Administration


A-share GEM board successfully listed, known as "The China's first mobile storage shares"


"Netac" trademark has been continued as a famous trademark of Guangdong province


Awarded the title of "Chinese Intellectual Property Advocate" by Intellectual Property Management Magazine

Identified as "a Chinese company with a world-class intellectual property creation, management and development model".


Won the 15th China patent gold medal


Won the 16th China patent gold medal


Won the 17th China patent gold medal


Won the 18th China patent gold medal


Won the 19th China patent gold medal

Netac factory upgraded


Won the 20th China patent gold medal


Won the 21th China patent gold medal

Production ability

Product strategy

With data storage as the core, Netac has built a four-in-one product strategy of products, systems, platforms and services.

Netac Strategy

Netac as the core brand of the enterprise,

to create a world-class storage brand.

Our Mission

To provide easy-to-use, reliable and fashionable products and good user experience for customers in the field of flash memory application and removable storage.

Our Vision

To become a globe-leading flash memory application and removable storage supplier.

Social Honor

US7421574 B2

BSCI DBID NO. 376704


Korean Patent