Nov 24,2021


Shadow II DDR5 vs DDR4 - Is it worth the upgrade

DDR5 has been a hot topic since the beginning of 2022, and it's no mystery why that is. The hype is mainly justified because Netac is giving the people what they’ve been looking for in a memory module for an ample amount of time. By this, we mean the market’s need for boosted productivity, less power consumption, and increased operational stability. Now that we’ve established that Shadow II DDR5 is quite blatantly an all-rounder, it's only fair to put it to the test. This brings us to the real question i.e: is it worth replacing and upgrading DDR4 to Shadow II DDR5? Shadow II DDR5 vs DDR4 The top most essential comparison between DDR5 and DDR4 would be more storage capacity. DDR5 offers us denser memory sticks that can use up to 64-gigabit memory chips whereas DDR4 uses up to 16-gigabit memory chips. This means the DDR5 memory capacity is four times more than that of DDR4’s memory capacity. DDR5 is more like a continuation of the former DDR4 because its data rates span from 3200 and go up to 6400 which is again twice as more as DDR4’s data rates because they span from 1600 to 3200. In other words, DDR4’s data rates end at 3200 and that is exactly where DDR5’s data rates start from. The DDR5 has the same arrangement of 288 pins as in the DDR4 but with different pinouts this time. This is a relatively small difference but the new notch position helps identify the difference between the two modules so users dont insert the DDR5 module into the DDR5 slot. Another noteworthy contrast between the two is the increased burst length twice as much from 8 bytes to 16 bytes. The DDR5 memory module incorporates two channels 32 bit each whereas the DDR4 module incorporates a single 64-bit channel. This not only increases efficiency but also decreases data access latency. The greatest feature of the DDR5 memory module is the lesser power consumption of 1.1V down from 1.2V that of the DDR4. The DDR5 encompasses a power management IC which means the motherboard is not responsible for voltage regulation anymore. These power management IC aka PMIC convert the 5V input from the motherboard to usable voltages. This PMIC not only regulates voltage but also reduces noise and upholds signal integrity. The higher the density of memory sticks the higher number of banks it requires to accommodate higher capacity. So basically, DDR5 requires a 32-bank structure that is divided into 8 groups, whereas DDR4 requires a 16-bank structure that is divided into 4 banks per group. Even though DDR5 has the same SBRF the amplification from 16 banks to 32 banks allows more pages to be open simultaneously. All in all, the Shadow II DDR5 comes with great advantages and the most important feature of it is the higher level of bandwidth which grows to be more important in modern chips every day. The ever-growing technological advancements make it vital for people to keep upgrading their systems to stay in the game because the technology is only going to move forward in the future. In other words, the future is soon going to be defined by its technological breakthroughs and it's better to think ahead.

Jul 22,2022

Netac Won “China Top 500 Technology Innovation Brands 2022”, With The Brand Value of Nearly 10 Billion

On July 27th, the "2022 Brand Power Forum and China's Top 500 Technology Innovation Brands Launch" was held in Wenchang, Hainan, sponsored by Asiabrand, and co-organized by China Asia Economic Development Association and Brand Asia Network. Netac was invited to join in this event and won the "Top 500 China Technology Innovation Brands 2022" and "Most Promising China Technology Innovation Brands”. It’s reported that the list of "China Top 500 Innovative Brands in Science and Technology" includes not only Netac but also other well-known companies such as Huawei, State Grid, and ByteDance. Asiabrand, established in Hong Kong in 2005, is a professional brand value system provider. Asia Top 500 Brands" for more than ten years, and has successively launched the "Top 500 World Brands", "Top 500 Chinese Brands", "Top 100 Innovative Brands of Chinese Listed Companies "It is one of the most authoritative organizations in the field of brand evaluation. In addition, Asiabrand also conducted a comprehensive assessment of the brand value of Netac based on its "Qualitative + Quantitative" rules, through accurate measurement of brand assets and analysis of brand equity efficacy, and valued Netac's brand at 9.781 billion RMB. Netac Technology is China's leading storage device manufacturer with its headquarters in Shenzhen. Founded in 1999 and launched the world's first USB drive in the same year, Netac has always been dedicated to the mission of providing the best products and services in storage applications and mobile storage. In the year 2010, Netac was listed on china's stock market as the first listed storage module company in China. So far Netac's product line covers SSD hard drives, memory modules, USB flash, memory cards, and storage peripherals. And Netac brand channel already covers more than 50 countries. Netac always takes market demand as the guide, actively satisfies customers' needs and provides solutions to customers' pain points, empowers its products through continuous innovation, and has launched competitive and influential products such as PCIe4.0 SSD and DDR5 memory, which have gained widespread favor and recognition from customers and gradually improved its product and brand power. In the future, Netac will actively grasp the opportunities of international and domestic "double cycle" and expand its domestic demand strategy, and actively layout the domestic market and new business in data storage and related new fields, make full use of its expertise in product and equipment, data services and data security to steadily promote Netac's sustainable development.

Jul 29,2022

In 2010, NETAC successfully entered Group A market.

As the inventor of USB Flash, NetAC is a global provider of Flash products and solutions. It has four wholly-owned subsidiaries: Beijing Knight Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. SHENZHEN SHENZHEN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. In this regard, the Group noted that during the period from August 2000 to June 2001, it had also received a report containing a report on its work.

Nov 25,2021