ELEXCON Embedded System Expo 2021

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  • release time:2021-09-27

ELEXCON Embedded System Expo 2021 took place in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan District) on On September 27. Based on the theme “The first step toward intelligent world! Step toward intelligent design - advanced encapsulation & test - supply chain upgrades - ecosphere.”, the Expo focused on 5G, IoT, edge AI, home-made chips, RISC-V, embedded systems and other fields.


Today is the first day of the Expo. Follow Lang to visit it ~



NETAC displayed home-made NETAC produc series, memory, SSD, USB flash disk, portable SSD and many other products at the Expo.


The "NETAC series" products include memory bank and SSD. All steps of manufacturing of key chips such as Dram chips, main control chips and NVRAM chips are completed by Chinese enterprises. By cooperating with Yangtze Memory, Maxio Tech, CXMT and other famous domestic enterprises, the NETAC series has powerful performance and can take a quite high load for a long time, which ensures a fast and stable storage for users. In addition, Chinese elements are shown in the appearance and package of products, which highlights an abundance of historical and cultural heritage of China.

SSD and DDR products:


The NETAC staff is receiving visitors:

The NETAC staff is receiving visitors

To make users know more about NETAC and increase interactions between NETAC and users, NETAC staff prepares some gifts including a cute humidifier, a mini USB flash disk and handbag with NETAC's logo for users who visit us in Expo.


ELEXCON Embedded System Expo 2021 will last for three days (Sep. 27, 28, and 29). NETAC has prepared many presents for you at booth No.7J64 in Hall No.7. We are expecting your visit!