P500 Extreme Pro

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P500 Extreme Pro

16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB

Designed for Car DVR and Surveillance Camera
P500 Extreme Pro microSD Card

P500 Extreme Pro Memory Card

Support 4K UHD and FHD high-resolution

Up to 100MB/s reading speed

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Key Features

Suitable for outdoor and home surveillance cameras, smooth recording of Full HD Video and 4K Ultra HD Video

Video transfer speed reach V30 and UHS-I U3 class

Data read speed is up to 100MB/s and support fluent recording full HD video and 4K ultra HD video

Netac micro SD card

Simple to use, powerful compatible 

Professional adapt for Video Recording, Nintendo-Switch, Tablets, GoPro, Dash Cam, Action Camera, DJJ Drone, UHS-I, U3, C10, V30, A1

Netac micro SD card
Brand Customized
Model P500 Extreme PRO
Capacity 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB
Speed Level  A1/V10/U1(16-32GB)、A1/V30/U3(64-512GB)
Reading Speed 90MB/s(16-32GB)、100MB/s(64-512GB)
Storage Temperature 25℃-85℃
Working Temperature 0℃-70℃
Reliability IP×7 waterproof, up to 500G acceleration inpact, etc,
Applications equipment Smart phone, car DVR, digital camera, surveillance, tablet, drone, speaker, GoPro, laptop, etc
Warranty 10 years
Note All product pictures are for reference only, the actual product shall prevail

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.Get a quote.


Netac Micro SD Cards are built tough for extreme durability under challenging environmental conditions. High-Performance for 4K UHD video recording, high-resolution pictures, mobile gaming, and music, for use in smartphones, drones, android tablets, tablet PCs, and more. Rated A1 for faster app performance (Results may vary based on host device, app type, and other factors).


Advantages of Netac micro SD card


1.Comes with full-size adapter that allows to use it in cameras, laptop and desktop

2.Waterproof build protects it from liquid spill and moisture

3.Made with latest technical standards that allows to record and save 4K and full HD video

4.High endurance, waterproof, temperature resistant, X-ray proof and anti-magnetic.