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Warranty Policy


Netac Technology Co., Ltd.(hereafter called “Netac”) warrants that all Netac products are warranted and tested to be free from defects in material and workmanship. During the warranty period, should your Netac product(s) fail under normal use in the recommended environment due to improper material or workmanship, Netac will provide service according to the following terms and conditions.


Warranty Period


TBW(Total Bytes Written)of Netac SSD


Note: The above TBW is applicable for average consumer usage. 

For special application, please consult us by email

Warranty Terms

1) Warranty service: If the product was serviced or replaced within the warranty period, Netac will provide service free of charge, or you will receive a replacement of your product.

2) Service method: You may return the defective product to your original point of purchase, or the authorized Netac dealer or distributor from which you purchased the Netac product. 

Please check their return policy prior to returning the product. Generally, a proof of purchase, product model number and serial number (if applicable) with a detailed failure description is required.


Definition of Warranty Period

The warranty period of Netac's product starts from the date of purchase of the product, invoices or other proof of the original purchase date must be presented when claiming warranty. If such document(s) cannot be presented, the manufacturing date will be considered as the 1st date of warranty.


The Warranty is NOT subject to the following conditions:

1) Without the written permission of Netac, the product is transformed, assembled, disassembled and repaired;

2) The Product interface of the product has abnormal phenomena like bending and deformation by external force; the product housing is damaged, deformed, etc.;

3) The sticker (if any) on the main product is torn down.

4) Fault or damage due to the use not pursuant to the operation manual or the maintenance not pursuant to the instructions in the operation instruction;

5) Product damage is caused by force majeure disasters (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning and typhoon), man-made destruction (such as beat, falling, rupture and thumping), computer interface fault, human negligence (such as falling into water, loss and inappropriate storage) or other abnormal reasons;

6) Product is damaged by computer virus or antivirus;

7) Damage caused by physical or electronic or electromagnetic pressure or interference, instability and misuse of power supply, lightning, static electricity, fire or other force majeure factors;

8) Damage caused by exposure or storage in the improper environment (including the environment with high temperature, low temperature or high humidity);

9) Damage or loss caused by improper transport and packing while the goods are transported by the customer to Netac;

10) Fault or damage caused by Netac's products used in R&D, production or specialized test.



1) We will not provide the quality warranty if the product is beyond the scope of free quality warranty or the product is expired from the warranty period.

2) The customers shall be responsible for the information saved in the products by themselves. While proposing the quality warranty, customers shall back up the product data in advance, and Netac will not take any liability for the data saved in the products;

3) The products counterfeiting those of Netac Technology Co., Ltd. or the products of manufacturers with infringement act are excluded in the service scope of this service policy. Netac or its authorized service stations is (are) entitled to identify and judge the products with counterfeit or infringement act, and reject the service provision.